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May 15 2017

Gott erhalte unseren Sebastian!

February 09 2015

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So I’m assuming he won.

Well, there’s nothing for him to have won. These bloodied antlers aren’t the result of a fight. See, deer lose their antlers and grow new ones every year. When they grow new antlers, the new antlers are covered in a fine, fuzzy skin called velvet. When the time comes for the antlers to stop growing and become hard and sharp, the velvet becomes very uncomfortable and the deer rub their antlers on rough surfaces like trees to scrape it off.

Because antler is bone, and because the velvet that helps them grow is very blood-rich, bucks who have recently shed their velvet look very gory! Not to worry though, this is all perfectly natural and soon the dead skin and blood will go away and leave behind a magnificent set of mature antlers, just in time for the autumn mating season.

deers metal as fuck

He’s on his deeriod

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Like a proud father.

This just made my day.

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This GIF has won the internet.
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Pure Happiness. (x)

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February 06 2015

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